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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 0 If an attempt be made by any enemy to lift the lid, the spider seizes its inner side with his fangs and striking his claws into the walls of the burrow offers the greatest possible resistance to the efforts of the intruder. His solid, warm body atop hers immobilized her and he pinned her wrists to the bed, silver eyes blazing and elongated fangs resting on his full lower lip. Insert the syringe or dropper into the side of the mouth behind the canines (the big fangs ). "Why don't you…" She paused, noticing his fangs were out. The root of a tooth or a pronglike division of such a root. Usage Note on bear Synonym Discussion of bare. Even the best costume fangs are uncomfortable to wear and make it difficult to talk and eat. The healer sank next to her on the bed, large eyes darting around the room as if he expected the furniture to grow fangs and chase him. Want to make fangs for your vampire costume? 2. We perched on bar stools and had a beer. "Omigod. You know how you need to keep your fangs in check when you're with someone and things get steamy? The Survival Game Begins anime online free and more animes online in high quality. It scared her, and she saw his fangs grow. This time, when she placed the bloody wrist to his lips, he sank his fangs into it. You mean to tell me, if I could get my fangs to work, and your blood didn't give me third degree burns, I could feed to my heart's content without hurting you? Bear in mind fangs can be a choking hazard and are only suitable for older children. Elation Freedom Hypercar “Dogo 001” Prototype Is Named After A Dog Breed, Will Bare Its Fangs Next Year. Within moments, the gloom which surrounded everyone was filled with scaly wings, clawing talons, biting fangs, and foul stenches. A bat's wings become sharp arcing lines; fangs become scythes. Any of the hollow or grooved teeth of a venomous snake with which it injects its poison. As her body flew over it, she saw the snake's fangs sink into Ed's upper leg – and then she was tumbling down the hill, grabbing at anything available and hoping it wasn't a snake. Wanting to keep them off balance, he morphed into his demon form and shredded the creatures with talons and fangs as deadly as theirs. Gabe and a few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons. All Rights Reserved. The ache returned to his jaw as he swallowed venom, and the fangs painfully emerged. The dog bared its teeth in a snarl: 9. BOA, a name formerly applied to all large serpents which, devoid of poison fangs, kill their prey by constriction; but now confined to that subfamily of the Boidae which are devoid of teeth in the praemaxilla and are without supraorbital bones. He located the spot where his fangs would connect, but first he would rock her world. Upper figures: diagrams of skull with fangs at rest. The wolf growled and bared its sharp fangs: 4. It's made for dogs that like to show off their fangs. He snatched her and sank his fangs into her neck. Just add a set of dripping fangs to your favorite bone man and the skull immediately takes on a more sinister nature, as if such a thing were possible. Will Rin's plan work in the end? Jhamel Malik Paskel, 19, received a 25-year sentence in Duval County Circuit Court in Florida on Wednesday How to use bare in a sentence. 22. Wings, short fur, fangs the size of her forearm … she moved farther into the bathroom, lest she draw his attention. Smiling at the camera we can see the vampire fangs of his teeth. ! 4. In one subtype of English shell noun construction, the noun serves as the subject in a pre-clausal unit, e.g., “The thing is.” Shell noun NPs have mainly been investigated synchronically, often as case studies of particular noun types, with the bare The hotel has a licensed bar . The supply of reserve teeth is indefinite; frequently one or two are lying ready and of equal size to the functional fangs. Florida teen, 19, who shot dead police K-9 named Fang is sentenced to 25 years . hunglish. 3. It lit up her features, and he saw the tiny fangs she was trying to hide. I offered them drinks and they just bared their teeth, being civil. Fangs can harbor bacteria and bite wounds can be dangerous, so seek medical attention if a bite occurs. "I'll find you later, Gabe," he said, his fangs growing. She pushed his chin aside with more force and kissed his neck before closing her eyes and letting her fangs sink into him. Inside, Lyle begins to transform, showing large fangs. the dog that bites does not show its fangs (idiom) / fig. Fang definition is - a long sharp tooth: such as. Prosthetic fangs can be found at a Halloween costume shop or website retailer. With Nobutoshi Canna, Megan Hollingshead, Ayako Kawasumi, Lex Lang. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. He dons a leather neck cord, it has been decorated with alternating colored beads and vampire fangs. He kissed her first, enjoying the feel of her blood coursing beneath his lips, then, as his fangs breached her skin, he braced for the burning that never came. Fang definition: Fangs are the two long, sharp , upper teeth that some animals have. It stands as a stark salutary warning to the world: Uncle Sam has grown fangs and he must be kept at bay. Like the cobra, also, the haje has its fangs extracted by the jugglers of the country, who afterwards train it to perform various tricks. The tiger snarls menacingly, baring its fangs, its breath heavy in the wintry air.
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